Instructions for Users

Welcome to the application portal of HECTOR School of Engineering & Management. With this application you apply for a seat in one of the Master Programs starting in October.

  1. Registration
    Once you have registered, you will automatically receive an e-mail containing a link for your online application form. This link will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.

  2. Completion of Application Form
    • After logging in with your e-mail address and your password, you can start your application.
    • You can modify and edit your application profile within the application period as long as and until you submit your application.
    • For a smooth application process, please make sure that cookies are activated.
    • The application form consists of six chapters. If you have all necessary information and documents at hand, you will need about 20 minutes to complete all fields.
    • The fields marked by * are mandatory and must be completed.
    • Please note that the maximum file size of each attachment is 2 MB.
    • To save your entries or changes, click the “Save and proceed" button before continuing with another chapter or before logging out.
    • Please log out when leaving the application portal.

  3. Submission of Application Form
    After submitting your application, you will only have reading access until the end of the admission process.
    Usually within one hour upon submission you will receive a second email with a pdf-document containing all your data. Please print out the last page of the application document, sign it and send it back to us via one of the following options:
    • Scan & e-mail:
    • Fax: +49 (0)721 608-47882
    • Post:
      HECTOR School of Engineering and Management
      International Department des Karlsruher Institut für Technologie gGmbH
      Schlossplatz 19
      76131 Karlsruhe

  4. Subsequent Upload of Documents
    The proof of the English proficiency test as well as the requested reference letters are not mandatory for the first submission of your application. In case you have not uploaded all necessary attachments yet, please do so as soon as possible. Please note, that the final evaluation of your application as well as a possible enrollment in the Master Programs won’t be possible before the upload of all requested documents.

  5. Further Procedure Application
    If we have any further questions regarding your application, we will contact you within the next few days. Otherwise we will inform you about the status of your application as soon as possible.
    That means that we will have evaluated your application and give you a response on whether you
    a) will be invited to an interview with the program director of the master program you applied for and how the further process will be set up,
    b) or will be unfortunately rejected.


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